Diverse uses

In the course of renovations to Karlsruhe's Stadthalle convention center according to plans by netzwerkarchitekten, a Darmstadt-based architectural firm, we have worked with the architects and MESO on media planning and ENVUE HOMBURG LICHT on lighting design to create a dynamic signage and event system comprising both analog and digital elements. A graphical concept ensures that the various elements all speak the same language.
These dynamic signs make it possible to respond to a range of different event types, such as trade shows, conferences and concerts. This helps visitors to get their bearings more easily in the complex building dating back to the 1970s, find out about concurrent events and locate their intended event more quickly.



Dynamic signposting is covered by central digital signs with multiple display surfaces, digital hall identification and a digital overview. The interaction between lighting and various media façades allows atmospheric staging for the foyers, with colors, lettering and images, as well as event-related visual identities when necessary.




Quoting the 80s

Specific destinations are indicated by means of analog, backlit ceiling elements and complemented by stencils on the walls.
The stencils have been designed both to work as signposts and to be part of the renovation, with the existing brown wall paneling neutralized and brought up to date with white paint. At the same time, the original materials remain visible in the unpainted areas that form the lettering – quoting the past, in a way.



The numbering system for the seats in the large concert hall was to be redesigned and optimized on the basis of an analysis of visitor flows.