ECB – a brand?

In addition to developing the orientation system for the seat of the European Central Bank, unit-design has taken on the task of making the ECB, which is more a European institution than a conventional bank, more recognizable as the occupant of the building. The pylons in the outdoor areas play an important role in this. The bank's logo together with the building have now become one of the city's best-known visual themes, with every news story starting with the camera panning over the logo to take in the entire building.



In the best light

Specifically to meet the requirement of making it clear that the European Central Bank is the occupant of the building, unit-design created a transparent glass case for the pylons, complete with special lighting. 





In the spacious foyer, which cuts through the old Wholesale Market Hall, is the logo of the European Central Bank along with the names of all members of the currency union.