Visual communication

Since 2010, unit-design has maintained close and productive ongoing cooperation with the F.Hoffmann-La Roche AG in Basel, Switzerland, covering various aspects of internal corporate communications. We have assisted the pharmaceutical company particularly in conveying complex content through graphics. We have done so through the application and continuing development of the minimalist and functional corporate design typical of Switzerland.





Over the years, numerous graphical principles have been designed and campaigns put into action for this purpose. 

Examples include the complex area maps and directions for Basel and Kaiseraugst, which are used in various means of communication. The synthesis of clear illustrations of buildings and routes and a simple system of colors and symbols emphasize the special quality of these graphics.



For the communication we developed a comprehensive set of 40 pictograms. They represent the services offered to Roche employees and are used both in the digital sphere and on printed material and signage.









We have worked with Roche to draw up and graphically implement the guidelines for planning communication spaces and a manual for office planning.