As a cooperative bank, Crédit Agricole Aquitaine focuses in particular on representing vintners in the Bordeaux area. When it was looking for a location for its new corporate headquarters, it chose the “bassins à flots”, an old port area inside the part of the city protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is currently undergoing a transformation into a densely populated and vibrant district.
The architecture by Wilmotte Architectes of Paris harks back to the character of warehouses and dock architecture and offers high-quality office and reception space for the bank.


In collaboration with Élodie Boyer Conseil and Wilmotte Architectes, unit-design has taken a comprehensive approach to the task of making sure that the brand is visible in this heterogeneous environment. One particular challenge came in the form of the city's strict advertising regulations, as well as those of UNESCO. In addition to conventional illuminated advertising, unit-design has worked with LunaLicht of Karlsruhe to design a suitable solution in the form of full-façade lighting.

The intended exterior effect also gives the visual impression of a large, narrow room with a glass façade measuring approximately 600 m2 as a form of corporate communication. A broad analysis was carried out to develop, compare and evaluate various design approaches, from artistic intervention via various branded spaces to innovative concepts such as special workshop and event spaces.











Visual inspections