Starting from scratch

In connection with the construction of the new Siemens headquarters in Munich, unit-design was commissioned to conduct a thorough revision of the company's corporate signage. The project replaced the previous fixed modules of square, white plate holders with contemporary signage based on flat formats offering more flexibility in terms of layout.



When the new corporate signage was being developed, both the technical requirements, such as flexibility, modularity and adaptability to suit global use, and the aesthetic requirements were fulfilled. The result was a system that radiated quality, ease of use and a minimalist appearance and conveyed the corporate values of responsibility, innovation and excellence. The system was based on pylons as well as wall, ceiling and door plates, with two design versions. In addition to these there was direct lettering, establishing a stronger link to the applicable architecture, and capable of taking on the role of spatial graphics.


Die Grundlage bilden Stelen sowie Wand-, Decken- und Türschilder in zwei Ausführungsvarianten. Ergänzt werden diese durch Direktbeschriftungen, die einen stärkeren Bezug zu der jeweiligen Architektur zulassen und auch raumgrafischen Charakter annehmen können.