service for citizens

We developed the orientation system for the technical town hall in Mannheim, designed by schneider+schumacher and completed in 2021. On the ground floor, visitors and employees are guided around the inner courtyard to the public areas and the four elevator groups.

Generous facade inscriptions provide an additional overview.


On the one hand, the reduced coloring of the guidance system underlines the interior, based on different materials, but on the other hand, it clearly sets itself apart from the background with its strong black-and-white contrast. In addition, the high-gloss surface of the signage forms an exciting contrast to the rough exposed concrete walls.


In open workspaces, employees can be found by their name tags placed on docking stations. If you change jobs, you simply take the complete name tag with you and attach it to the new docking station.


To ensure barrier-free use of the building, signs are also provided in Braille.