Frankfurt departments

The new building for the public order department represented the first department of the city of Frankfurt for which unit-design created the signage and guidance system. It has gradually been followed by other departments, such as the vehicle and driver licensing authority, the new building shared by the green spaces department and the department of road-building and development, the Technical City Hall and the public health department.
This has given Frankfurt's departments a new common identity while leaving sufficient leeway to take specific needs into account in the detailed design of sign elements.




New close links to citizens

Alongside City Hall, the public order department is a representative of the city of Frankfurt and an interface for communication with citizens. Ease of understanding, legibility, openness and transparency with regard to the services on offer are crucial here, as they are at the other city departments.



The basic principles here were a minimalist color scheme and consistent use of the pictogram system designed specifically for the city of Frankfurt.
The signage that we designed focused on the best possible clarity and information while also accommodating the special nature of the architecture by Meixner Schlüter Wendt Architekten.