Open-plan office space

The corporate headquarters of T-Mobile in Bonn are an extensive building complex comprising more than 40 open-plan offices and roughly 5,000 workplaces.
Each open-plan office has a central location that acts as a meeting point. Acoustic panels are used to improve the acoustics in these zones.





Symbiosis between spatial graphics and signage

The graphic design of the central points, for which unit-design was responsible, uses thematic association to support the signage, which we also developed.
The naming concept assigns the name of a city to each central point, resulting in places that are easy to remember and to tell others about, that create a sense of identity and serve as destinations and places to meet. In addition, the initial letters of the city names chosen indicate the respective building sections and are thus part of the signage, along with the floor number.



Graphic design

The design of the central points combines printed fabric strips across the acoustic panels, and surfaces painted in different colors.
Prominent buildings in the relevant cities act as motifs within the graphical concept and dissolve into colored strips and surfaces.