The staging for the central elevators at Swiss Re's headquarters, developed with Frankfurt-based artist Franz Mon, makes for a very special ride. Letters are printed on the glass panes of the elevator and the inside wall of the elevator shaft, presenting a new sound poem at every floor. Different arrangements of the written creations can be found in each of eight elevators. The words applied to the glass always alliterate around a central letter, emphasizing that section of the building (A, B, C or D).




Franz Mon

Franz Mon, born in Frankfurt in 1926, is one of the world's foremost artists in concrete poetry, the quality and principles of which he has applied to verbal, visual and audio art. His approach to language extends to themes of architecture, theater and film. Mon deals with reflections on the relationship between semantics and semiotics and analysis of the usefulness of our lettering and the subtle changes in meaning caused by moving letters around.