modular and sustainable roof

In an ambitious initiative to promote e-mobility and sustainability, unit-design, in close collaboration with FFM-Architects and with the expertise of Terhalle, a specialist in timber construction and prefabrication, has developed a modular timber roof system. This system not only achieves technical market readiness but also sets new standards in design and environmental awareness.






Designed specifically for use in e-mobility charging parks, rest stops, and parking lots, the modular roof system incorporates options for greening and photovoltaic panels, offering a combination of functional efficiency and aesthetic value. It enhances the quality of stay for users and actively contributes to environmental protection.





The construction of each roof is customized to meet the specific requirements and desires of clients, ensuring seamless integration into the existing environment. The product is available through collaboration with Terhalle, facilitating the realization of individually tailored solutions.



This innovative roofing construction represents an important step towards a more sustainable future and demonstrates how thoughtful design and eco-friendly technologies can work hand in hand to make e-mobility more attractive and accessible.