Diagonal lines

The twin towers that make up the headquarters of Deutsche Bank have been a world-famous landmark since 1984. They underwent an impressive transformation as part of the renovation according to the plans by Italian architect Mario Bellini. Contrasting, vibrant materials and shapes characterize the redesigned interior. The signage and guidance system developed by unit-design underlines this approach by means of the integration of the lettering in the different surfaces. The individual building sections are presented symbolically by their characteristic floor plans, forging a close relationship between the signage and the architecture.



Following the modernization carried out between 2008 and 2011, the twin towers were the world's first skyscraper complex to receive a LEED Platinum rating and a DGNB Gold certificate.



Graphic system

The bank's visual identity, which was also updated, implements the new signage through the use of only one typeface and basing the hierarchy of information solely on size and proportions. It is completed by a set of pictograms optimized to suit the bank's corporate typeface, Univers.