Looking like new

The Silberturm, with its striking façade of deep-drawn aluminum elements, has been a major feature of Frankfurt's skyline since 1978 and, at 166 m, was the tallest building in Germany for years.
In 2008, schneider+schumacher was commissioned to carry out a thorough renovation of the high-rise building and conducted extensive structural and technical work, as well as reorganizing the floors.
Based on the corporate design of Deutsche Bahn and adapted to suit the context and the building, unit-design created a comprehensive, stand-alone visual system encompassing means of identification for the foyer, the office floors and the workplaces on all 32 floors.




The elevator logistics presented a particular challenge in terms of communication, as the northern and southern elevators grant access to the upper and lower halves of the tower respectively.



The privacy screen graphics offer additional intuitive orientation, showing abstract silhouettes of the Frankfurt skyline and the main railway station. They aid east–west orientation in the building while also establishing a link between the city environment, visitors and their respective locations.



The labels for the individual desks sit on the partitions like folder tabs and employees can personalize them by attaching business cards.