Award-winning service on the platform

In collaboration with Dietz Joppien Architekten, unit-design has created an entirely new installation for offering travel snacks and drinks on station platforms, adding to the range of services provided by Deutsche Bahn (DB). An open vendor stand, the very design of which suggests motion, is ideal for a situation shaped by the fast pace at which travelers use the facility. Two framing elements, linked by glass, separate the outside from the inside and create an open effect in every direction.

The finished object satisfies the rules on the protection of historic sites applicable to Frankfurt's station concourse and the desire for something that is recognizable and self-contained. The kiosk has been installed at numerous stations operated by Deutsche Bahn and received the prestigious Brunel Award for outstanding visual design in railway architecture, in Washington in 2011.







"I am delighted that the DB coffee kiosks have won this prestigious prize. The sales concept is innovative and a positive addition for travelers that gives them the chance to buy a drink or a snack on the platform before boarding their trains." Rolf Reh, head of construction and facility management at DB Station&Service AG