Buick in China

Working with Dumbar branding, unit-design has designed an entirely new brand identity for Buick in China. Alongside the revised trademark and the graphical theme, the showrooms and service center in particular have been redesigned. Three sites in Shanghai were used for a preliminary pilot, serving as a reference for the renovation of another 350 or so dealerships.




In pursuit of the guiding principles of power and serenity, the sites show themselves off with top-quality, exquisitely detailed brand architecture. A modular system of features with products for the various areas and situations made it possible to convert the existing sites within a very short space of time.






It is possible to respond flexibly to sketched-out type development, visualized in a comprehensive manual, across a variety of floor plans and sizes.

With the remarkably extensive and contemporary presentation and information systems, as well as the newly created hospitality areas, Buick is staking a convincing claim to its market position and offering a warm welcome to its customers and visitors.