A ring for the region

The regional park circular trail marks a major milestone in the development of the regional park and has opened up new possibilities in the regional park's communication ever since its opening in 2011. Until then, there had been a number of thematically different trails, mostly leading in a star shape from the center into the surrounding area; when the circular trail was opened, it provided a ring route measuring 180 km in total and linking the areas of the region.



Distance markers and circular trail symbol

unit-design developed the communication concept and visual identity for the circular trail, and implemented the design together with Gnüchtel Triebswetter Landschaftsarchitekten and Atelier Markgraph. The idea was to take the Mainspitze, where the Rhine and Main rivers merge, as the starting point for the region and to measure the entire distance of the route in kilometers from there. Much like the kilometer markers along the course of a river, each place on the circular trail was given a specific and easily communicated identifier that also referred to the other locations.

The circular trail symbol represents the ring route and its sections. In addition to its use in the specially designed communication media for the circular trail, it is employed primarily on the signage along the trail.