Brand experience

At the Mercedes-Benz Customer Centers in Sindelfingen, Rastatt and Bremen, unit-design created a spectacular brand experience by means of comprehensive interior, exhibition and signage design.

While customers wait for their new cars to be delivered, they have the opportunity to learn about the history of Mercedes-Benz, its production processes and forward-looking developments by means of a range of exhibits.



Mercedes-Benz global

The wall of globes of the "DaimlerChrysler around the world" display illustrates the group's international connections. Shipping crates stacked on pallets provide information on the production and research facilities, with each location marked on a globe accompanied by a model of a part manufactured at that site.




A multimedia factory model uses LED strips and light boxes to visualize the production processes. Terminals present films explaining the stages of production. At audio pylons, employees talk about their work.



A journey through time

The journey through time gives visitors the chance to discover the long history of Mercedes-Benz. The interactive time travel columns tell the story of the invention of the automobile, the golden era of racing successes and developments in safety. These, together with further exhibits and special exhibitions, leave a lasting impression on customers.




At "A window into the future", there is a glimpse of what tomorrow might bring. Themes of the laboratory cabinet include new materials and drive systems, recycling and innovative mobility concepts.