Celebrating the anniversary of the spa park in Bad Homburg

The exhibition at the Gothic House for the 150th anniversary of the spa park in Bad Homburg v.d.H. focused on the park and its landscape architect, Lenné. The exhibition, by unit-design, was divided into two themed areas, each very different in terms of ambiance and presentation.





On the ground floor, visitors are told the history of how the park developed over time.



Tales about the park were presented on the top floor. A display around the room showed collected anecdotes and stories told by famous visitors and their experiences during their stays at the spa.



For example, an orange tree represented the gambling debts of an aristocrat, crushed porcelain stood for the invention of the clay tennis court, and Dostoevsky's pawned pocket watch represented his literary exploits in Bad Homburg, which also led to the second part of the quotation: "The park is magnificent, if only it were not for the damned roulette".