Weather as a theme

Covering an area of 20,000 square meters in Offenbach, where the German Meteorological Office is based, is a public park themed around the weather.
A series of exhibits and explanatory graphics give visitors insight into the complex relationships between types of weather, as well as the scientific background, in a way that is easy to understand.



Project scope

The project included preparing the content, conceiving and designing the exhibits and integrating and planning the open spaces.



A gravel path meanders through the park to the individual exhibition sites. A common design element of the exhibit stations is a wooden walkway that extends out from the path into the surroundings and leads to the exhibits with explanations in the form of images and text.



The Weather Park is part of the Rhine-Main Regional Park and has been financially supported by a European program for sustainable regional development (SOS). Just a year after opening, an existing development plan for a nearby business park was positively influenced as a result.





At the Weather Park, the German Meteorological Office (DWD) has erected the first fully automatic weather station that feeds the data it has recorded into the global meteorological network. The DWD also maintains the phenological garden, which it uses to monitor the climate.

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