Cooking with light


As technology has advanced, the possibilities of using light for design purposes have multiplied many times over. unit-design was commissioned to develop interactive exhibits so that Schott Ceran's customers could see this potential for themselves. The exhibits demonstrate new ways of operating cooktops and using them as a means of presentation in combination with diverse materials and printing technologies for the Ceran glass surfaces, as well as LED technology. unit-design coordinated with the development team to devise numerous interactive use scenarios that could be operatedseparately and controlled by sensors in presentations to customers. The exhibits had to be suitable for presentations at different locations and it needed to be possible to operate them with as few instructions as possible. The project covered the entire development process, from interaction design and product design to supporting small-scale series production.




The different exhibits illustrate the potential of using light for design purposes in current and future cooktops from Schott Ceran. Could it be possible to display recipes on the cooktop in the future? Does the light change during cooking? Do the displays adapt to suit different users?