A place for the regional park

With the Rhine-Main Regional Park visitor center at the Weilbach gravel pits, a long-held dream of those behind the regional park has finally been realized. It is an excellent location for telling the visual story of the regional park, the idea behind it and the motivations of the founders. With the new entrance building to the regional park designed by architects Jourdan & Müller and the regional park tower by Peter Karle, a remarkable ensemble has been put together, offering plenty of space for the regional park's communication. The exhibition in the foyer of the entrance building features a comprehensive presentation about the regional park.







Hands on

At each of the ten installations, there is something to touch. Not all of these are digital, such as the information board with interactive information on the routes in the regional park. Naturally, the suggested routes can also be loaded to GPS tracking apps on visitors' smartphones.

in Zusammenarbeit mit Hullmann + Gimmler