Knife, fork, spoon

The identification system developed by unit-design for the food and drink services at the Messe Frankfurt exhibition center has been continually implemented and expanded upon ever since its introduction in 2010. It helps to create an identity and unites restaurants, cafés and snack bars with a standardized and yet differentiated visual identity.
Heavily simplified line drawings of tableware and utensils provide the motifs for the identification.






An open-minded approach to pictograms, with adjustments to their size and recognizability depending on the distance from which they are to be viewed, allowed unique graphics to be created.
The means of identification is distinctive, stands out from the other signage at the exhibition grounds on account of its clarity and the light-dark contrast in particular and therefore does not compete with the structures erected by exhibitors.
The motifs used (cups, forks, glasses etc.) suit the appropriate facilities and make it easier to distinguish between the types of catering on offer.