100 years of Mercedes-Benz

"The Story of Passion" – an exhibition concept based on the theme of passion for innovative vehicle technology was created to celebrate the anniversary of the Mercedes brand name. As in a gallery, visitors move between ceiling-height pylons, each bearing graphics dedicated to people who played a part in shaping the destiny of Mercedes-Benz. These enormous portraits of great personalities in the brand's history are set against depictions of current employees and their outstanding work for the brand.




Technical milestones are presented in the form of original exhibits in elegant pylons, making them highly accessible. A large graphic incorporated into the architecture and designed to resemble an etching provides the backdrop for the total of nine pairs of pictures with exhibits illustrating the "Mercedes legend". The exhibits and graphics stands with modular designs will subsequently be used at numerous trade shows and for special events.



The particularly refined and high-quality pylons hold display cases that fit them perfectly. They present original pieces from the creation of legendary designs, from racing successes and technical highlights such as fuel cells.