Boarding and browsing

Passengers on many airport buses at Frankfurt Airport are already kept supplied with up-to-date information on their arrival, the airport and their transfers. To provide this, the buses have monitors and an infotainment system. The system generates information targeted specifically at passengers on incoming flights, with directions to baggage reclaim and connecting flights as well as weather updates for the Frankfurt area, plus general information on the many services on offer at FRA. On the way to the aircraft, passengers likewise receive customized information, such as a weather forecast for the flight's destination and other useful content. unit-design designed the information and turned Fraport's pictograms into moving images.


"In the future, there will be even more live data displayed on buses and tailored to specific flights. This will enable passengers to make the best use of their time on the bus to get their bearings and stay as informed as possible at the same time – especially if they don't have a smartphone, or don't have a free hand to use one." Martina Pfeffer, Leiterin Terminalmanagement





design, graphic design, interaction design, supervision, visual identity




Christian Breig, Peter Eckart, Martin Pohlmann


Fraport AG