Sustainable charging hubs

On the subject of sustainable mobility concepts, unit-design, in cooperation with FFM-architects, designed future-oriented roofing for fast charging stations for electric vehicles. The intelligent charging hubs combine the natural material wood with the sustainable construction based on it and thus make a mark in public space.

Concept X

The design effect of the construction is based on the simple principle of a row of identical construction elements arranged linearly and rhythmically. In terms of design, the angular construction elements form the tangible space and carry the attached roof made of laminated veneer lumber elements, which impresses with its visual lightness.

concept v

The "V" concept further develops the guiding principle of the linear support structure. Due to the V-shaped arrangement of the support elements, as well as their sloping position, a cantilevered supporting structure is created, which is reduced to the minimum according to the principle of half-timbered house. The roof construction radiates lightness, stability and durability at the same time.

Half-timbered concept

This design uses the effect of traditional timber construction. Semantically and constructively, the concept refers to traditional principles of carpenter construction, but also reminds of the design of electricity pylons. The roof leans protectively towards the arriving users. There is a striking kink in the roof - both in a one-sided and a double-sided installation.