From street number to street map

Riyadh's Diplomatic Quarter encompasses not only all foreign diplomatic missions in Saudi Arabia but also large residential areas and shopping malls. unit-design has developed a universal orientation system for visitors and residents in the new district, with a distinctive design that helps the district to have a visual identity and thereby present itself to the outside world.


"A key question in this design process was: what sets apart people from different cultures, and what unites them?" Peter Eckart







The main objective was to use contemporary design to bring together the local cultural features and the international outlook of the district. The Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh was based on a master plan by Albert Speer & Partner from 1978. An international group of planners led by Albert Speer & Partner conducted a thorough planning review starting in 2005 to take into account the new requirements that had arisen in the interim.











To help people find their way around, the colors had to be eye-catching as well as distinguishable from yet harmonized with one another. An important requirement was that they fit their surroundings and the local architecture.