"118 elevations"

The Silberturm tower is one of the most famous buildings on the Frankfurt skyline. At 166 m, it reaches 280 m above mean sea level and was Germany's tallest building for some time. Following extensive renovations to the building, Deutsche Bahn AG moved into the 32-story building in 2012 as the new main tenant.
The artistic concept that unit-design created for the Silberturm established a link between each room and places in the region that are situated at the same height above mean sea level. In total, this resulted in 118 highly stylized landscape images printed in varying levels of color on the large acoustic panels in the conference rooms. "118 elevations" therefore projects views of the outside into the inside of the rooms, giving them a "window on the world". Digital distortion, blurring and abstraction lead to shifting perceptions. When viewed from close up, the images dissolve into assortments of colors, while the subjects shine through from afar.




"For me, the Silberturm is the finest building on the Frankfurt skyline. Having the chance to work on something for this building therefore offered special motivation."
Bernd Hilpert




Observers can discover points of interest, special places and atmospheric landscapes without leaving the Silberturm – from Frankfurt's MesseTurm and the Rosenhöhe park in Darmstadt to the Hohe Strasse regional park. Overall, the soft-focus atmospheres contrast with the cool practicality of the building and create a pleasant and inviting working environment.



Apple tree in Breckenheim, 223 m above sea level

Wingertsberg observation tower, Dietzenbach, 210 m above sea level

Atlas, Frankfurt main station, 123 m above sea level

Monopteros, Neroberg, 230 m above sea level

Zeil shopping street, Frankfurt, 135 m above sea level