Site development

Roche is currently carrying out investment, which will continue for the next few years, in expanding its Kaiseraugst location – almost doubling the area of the site. An optimally planned signage and guidance system is an important element in ensuring that the location can function smoothly.



We were tasked with devising a design for digital delivery logistics that went beyond conventional signage.
Working closely with Roche, we defined the guidelines for the signage elements and digital wayfinding at the Kaiseraugst location. Consideration was given to the various requirements of the following three user groups: motorized passenger traffic, pedestrians and cyclists, and delivery traffic.



Wayfinding to the area is aided by pylons leading to the parking garages or to registration for delivery traffic. Only pedestrians and cyclists are permitted inside the area, with the exception of delivery traffic. Here, too, pylons showing maps with the most important destinations are used for wayfinding. They are complemented by a few directional signs. Numbers are used to identify the buildings themselves.



Delivery logistics is still controlled by analog means. Upon registration, the delivery vehicles receive an area map with numbered routes and information as to the routes that they should follow.