Ongoing cooperation

Since 2010, unit-design has assisted pharmaceutical company Hoffmann-La Roche in all matters relating to signage and branding at its locations in Switzerland at Basel and Kaiseraugst. These include the evolution of the existing design, the revision and relaunch of internal guidelines and the addition of extra elements to the system.







During this period, numerous buildings have been renovated and new buildings constructed, very much in the tradition of formative Roche architect Otto Salvisberg. In his day, architecture became an important aspect of corporate identity. Attributes such as clarity, functionality and timeless elegance continue to characterize the buildings erected for Hoffmann-La Roche all over the world to this day.




In Basel and Kaiseraugst, prestigious architecture firms – such as Herzog & de Meuron, IttenBrechbühl and Nissen Wentzlaff Architekten – have been responsible for constructing and renovating a whole range of buildings, including Home for IT (H4IT), PEAK and buildings 1, 10, 67, 229, 253, 663, 683, 684 and 690. Structures for new working methods such as the concept of activity-based working have been created here, where the appropriate working environment can be selected in accordance with the activity to be performed.



Activity-based working

We have assisted Roche in implementing such innovative working methods and in the forward-looking evolution of office space by means of the installations planned by unit-design for the exterior, interior and parking areas, as well as delivery logistics. This encompasses all types of signage and infographics, as well as spatial graphics.

New buildings in Kaiseraugst